The first major Trios tournament arrives on July 13 and Epic Games has announced a big change coming to the mode. The item removal will excite many competitive players due to its overpowered and disruptive nature.

Epic Games has been adamant about never wanting to create separate loot pools between casual and competitive Fortnite. Many players have found this to be a baffling decision as the communities want distinctly different versions of the game.

In good news, Epic Games’ position on the issue has shown cracks in the past. Another such scratch in the armor came with the studio’s decision to ban the Storm Flip from Trios Arena and the Trios Cash Cup.

Storm Flip disabled in Trios Arena and Trios Cash Cup

Storm Flip disabled in Trios Arena & Cash Cup

Epic’s struggle to maintain a singular loot pool for competitive and casual players hasn’t paid off. Slowly, the developers are beginning to change their opinion as yet another exception has been made.

The Storm Flip item, added in patch v9.20, will be disabled in Trios Arena and the Trio Cash Cup.

Storm Flips were also disabled during the Week 9 and Week 10 World Cup Qualifiers. The item deals increase damage depending on the current Storm. Here’s a quick rundown of the item’s effect if you’ve never had a chance to use it before:

  • Max Stack of 1
  • Deals damage equal to current storm
  • Thrown projectile, similar throw distance to Dynamite
  • Creates expanding zone from center of hit location
  • Lasts 20 seconds
  • Obscures vision similarly to the Storm

Epic Games did not state how long the ban would be in place. Typically, items become un-banned after the latest tourney is over.

While it might tempting to get your hopes up about a permanent loot pool change, we highly expect the Storm Flip to return. The devastating item doesn’t have an extreme effect in low population casual end games, but a Storm Flip doing 10 damage per tick can wipe out 10-15 players in a competitive match. Still, Epic’s drawn their line in the sand in regards to this problem.

The Trios Cash Cup will feature premium, no-Storm Flip, competition

It’s certainly a prime example of why separate pools would make sense as the item actually livens up casual matches, but destroys competitiveness in esports matches. We’ll report on any announcements made up Epic in the aftermath of the Trios Cash Cup.

For those interested in the playing in the $1,000,000 dollar Trios tourney, head to our Trios hub for details on the format, schedule, and more.

What are your thoughts on the creation of a separate competitive loot pool? Does the Storm Flip warrant a ban in your mind? We’d love to hear your take on the debate.