Popular Fortnite pros Tfue and 72hrs met in pro scrims, leading to a 200 IQ outplay from 72hrs that Tfue never saw coming.

Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tom “72hrs” Mulligan are two of the most popular and entertaining pro Fortnite players out there. Both of them continuously perform at a high level and make their viewers laugh while they do it.

We can only expect fireworks when two players like these meet in the open field. That happened during recent Fortnite pro scrims, but not in the way you might think.

Credit: Team Liquid

The former teammates of 72hrs and Tfue didn’t end up fighting, but they found themselves close to one another during a mid-game circle. 72hrs saw some loot that Tfue was hiding, so he pushed up for a 200 IQ play.

72hrs tunneled closer to Tfue, took out his fishing rod, and got to yoinking.

There’s really no other word for what happened, here, and both streamers knew it. Tom yoinked these big pots from Tfue – right out from under his nose.

There are a lot of ways to outplay your opponents in Fortnite. Using a fishing rod to steal loot out from under them is not a conventional tactic, but it worked.

72hrs is sneakily one of the smartest Fortnite players out there. He repeatedly uses seemingly bizarre tactics, but they always seem to work. Some of you may remember the infamous “I’m going to try something” clip from trio scrims last season.

These hilarious 200 IQ plays are why we watch 72hrs. I strongly suggest watching the video that Grumbae made for Tom if you haven’t already (link here). It will give you everything you need to get into the Fortnite pro.

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