Epic has not provided any Fortnite Chapter 2 patch notes, which leaves the player base wondering about everything that was changed for the new season. There are some obvious changes like swimming and fishing, but there are also some subtle updates you may not have noticed.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 update was the first Fortnite update that didn’t give us any patch notes. Epic wants us to jump in and explore the game without any preconceived notions – as if we’re playing a brand new title.


This is all well and good, but Fortnite isn’t a new game – as much as it may feel like it is. Players want to know what’s changed and are just beginning to find some of the hidden changes to Fortnite on their own. Here are some of the updates you may not have noticed.

Chests have a 100% Spawn Rate

This one isn’t confirmed, but it sure seems like Epic made the spawn rate of chests 100%. There is always a chest inside the roof you land on, and finding double-chests in particular areas is very common. 

Players have been asking for a 100% chest spawn rate for some time. It significantly reduces RNG because you’re no longer guessing as to where a chest is going to be. We don’t have the “ugh, there’s no chest in this whole building” experience anymore as we run around trying to avoid certain death.

You may not have noticed this change if you’ve been playing without reflecting on how available loot has become.

Pump Outplays the Tac

This one is going to hurt for those one-pumpers out there, but it’s better to realize it now than later: The Gray, Green, and Blue Pump Shotguns will be outplayed by the Tac in most situations.

The Pump got a significant nerf in Chapter 2, which enables the Tac to do more DPS than the Pump-swap combination. Two Tac shots will put an opponent down much faster than a lackluster Pump shot and an SMG spray.

This is a situational tip but will apply to most average to above-average players. Tagging players with a Pump will still be preferred if you’re competitively box fighting, but most people aren’t. Those who do most of their fighting out in the open will find that the Tac now is far more consistent.

Of course, once you start getting to the Purple and Gold Pump range, it will outperform the Tac – but these are proving to be extremely rare in Fortnite Chapter 2.

EJ Dash Nerfed

F’s in the chat for the EJ Dash.

The EJ Dash was one of the most short-lived competitive Fortnite strategies. For those who don’t know, this method involved using a ramp or cone to boost yourself forward while building. It was great for getting a jump on an opponent or pushing yourself out of the storm.

Epic found a sneaky way to vault this mechanic with Fortnite Chapter 2. It’s hard to tell exactly what they changed without the patch notes. Whatever it is, it appears to be effecting normal fights as well. Edited cones and ramps push you down much harder than they used to.

Speed boost while carrying

You may have noticed that carrying an opponent grants you a bit of a speed boost. It’s unclear whether this is intended or a bug, but you can move faster with a teammate or opponent on your back.

It’s helpful to know about this if you’re running from the storm. You might want to carry your downed teammate to safety to get an extra step on the closing circle

Spectator System

Epic implemented a spectator system in Fortnite Chapter 2, which you might not have noticed because of how buggy it can be. In theory, you are able to spectate your friends while you’re waiting in the lobby.

All you have to do is join while your squad is in a game. Instead of “Ready,” the option should say “Watch.”

The spectator system is extremely inconsistent and buggy right now, especially in squads. Everyone in the lobby must be “Ready,” and Fortnite sometimes keeps players who are currently in a game as “Unready” – meaning you won’t be able to spectate them.

Still, once Epic irons out the kinks, this will be a huge quality-of-life improvement that will help foster a better team environment.

Buried Treasure

This one wouldn’t be in any patch notes anyway, but there are a ton of hidden chests around the Fortnite map. There are buried treasure on the beaches and even some hidden rooms in some of the POIs around the map.

In Camp Cod – the island at the bottom of the map – there’s a hidden room behind a bookshelf. You can interact with the shelf to open it and find a room with some hidden loot. 

This is only one of the hidden areas that players are finding; there are sure to be more. Make sure you investigate some of the new areas for chests you may be missing.

What’s your favorite change to Fortnite Chapter 2? Let us know in the comments.

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