Want to try out some of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps? Take a look at these five options here.

Zone Wars is one of the most popular Creative Mode map genres in Fortnite – so much so that Epic included a Zone Wars playlist during Chapter 2.

We probably won’t see another official Zone Wars lineup while Chapter 2 is still fresh, but here are five updated map codes for some of the best Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps for your Playground Fill matches.

Make sure to get to the Hub as fast as you can so you can avoid the Red vs. Blue battle.

Vortex Zone Wars: 9310-1401-9904

Vortex Zone Wars was a fan favorite During Fortnite Season X and was one of the only maps to receive verification from Epic when they created the Zone Wars playlist.

The major problem with this map was the moving zone. It was predictable and incredibly fast, causing a lot of players to die in the storm or run away without being able to fight.

The zone is still predictable, but it seems to have slowed down a bit. Vortex Zone Wars looks to be one of the more popular maps of Chapter 2.

Cross River Zone Wars: 3508-2506-4627

The Cross River Zone Wars map was one of the first maps to introduce water into Zone Wars – something that needs to be simulated for accurate practice. This small, fast-paced map takes you over a river where you can build, fight, or hide to avoid damage.

The map creator, Yerk, has also intentionally made this a quick Zone Wars match to limit the number of players who leave right after dying. The loadout is fair and the map is unique, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Respawn Zone Wars: 2888-2224-4644

This Zone Wars map is one of the more interesting concepts I’ve seen. The zone moves in a circle and allows you to respawn to rejoin the fight.

It works as a true end-game simulator as you navigate through preexisting builds to try to secure eliminations and stay alive.

The kit is standard so everyone has the same thing – which is good and bad. It’s fair, but it doesn’t give you the same end-game feel of sometimes having a better loadout than other times.

Mountain Zone Wars: 2120-6008-5979

This Mountain Zone Wars map doesn’t have a showcase, but the creator has promised a video later in the week. We’ll try to update the article when it goes live.

For now, you’ll have to jump in if you want to try it for yourself. We don’t know much about the kit or the terrain, but there may be an aquatic element to this Chapter 2 Zone Wars map as well.

Bahama Zone Wars: 6885-2167-1768

The Bahama Zone Wars map might be one of the best on this list – especially when you consider that there’s an RNG and a no-RNG version. You can decide to get a random kit in one version of the map or choose between a Pump/Tac kit in the other version.

The map has water, which is a huge plus for Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps. It also includes a grace period at the start of each round. You can build and edit, but won’t be able to shoot for a few seconds.

Leave us some codes in the comments if we missed your favorite Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars maps!

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