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5 things Fortnite could do to compete with CoD Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is out now. How will Fortnite win some of its players back from this heavy-hitting Battle Royale?



Call of Duty: Warzone is out now. How will Fortnite win some of its players back from this heavy-hitting Battle Royale?

Another ‘Fortnite killer’ has been released into the wild, threatening to take a large chunk of the Battle Royale audience away from Fortnite. No game will ever match the unique experience that is Fortnite, but casual players are undoubtedly going to try the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone.

The release of Apex Legends led to a free Fortnite Battle Pass, siphon in pubs, Reboot Vans, and a pinging system. Clearly, Epic takes competition seriously.

Yesterday, when Activision announced the Call of Duty BR, Epic shot back with an immediate announcement of the Fortnite Champion Series for Season 2. What else do they have up their sleeve? How else will Epic compete with this fun, polished, unique BR? Let’s speculate.

Bring Siphon Back

The most immediate impact that Apex Legends had on Fortnite was the implementation of siphon in all game modes. Nearly everyone loved siphon until it was unceremoniously removed for promoting “unhealthy aggression.”

High-level Fortnite players are now calling public Fortnite matches “Arena without siphon.” In many ways, they’re right. Public solo matches, in particular, can be just as tough as Arena matches are.

Players of all levels are asking for the return of siphon. There’s no better time than now to give everyone what they want.

Quality of life changes (FoV slider)

There are a ton of small QoL changes that Epic could make to Fortnite that would make all of the difference. Players have been asking for an FoV slider for years. Right now might be the perfect time to give it to us.

Things like a loadout preset, FoV slider, competitive rewards, and locker customization options seem like no-brainers. At this point, it could even appear as though Epic has been waiting on a true BR competitor before they dropped some of these features.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the next update bring us a host of quality-of-life improvements? This might be the best way to combat another popular game like Warzone.

Separate the competitive loot pool

Separating the Fortnite loot pools is probably the least-likely suggestion on this list, while simultaneously making the most sense.

Competitive Fortnite players hate the C4 and Heavy Sniper meta that has taken over mid-game fights. These weapons present easy kill opportunities in competitive matches, with little skill needed.

At the same time, the casual community seems to love Heavy Snipers and mythic weapons. The compromise is simple: take the overpowered weapons out of competitive and test things in public matches before adding them to tournaments.

Will Epic do this? Almost certainly not. They’ve been extremely reluctant to separate the loot pools in the past, and probably won’t start now. Still, it would make a ton of sense and might incentivize many competitive players to stay on Fortnite.

Free Battle Pass

What’s the easiest way to keep players on Fortnite and away from competing games? Free stuff.

People forget that Epic gave us the opportunity to earn a free Battle Pass when Apex Legends first hit the scene. Season 7 was extended and Epic provided us with some challenges and a chance to earn the Season 8 Battle Pass for free.

This would be a Band-Aid fix for the issue, but it could bring some players back to the game within the next couple of months. Season 2 is still young, but we might see this coming at the end of the season.

Copy the Gulag

Epic isn’t shy about borrowing mechanics from other Battle Royale competitors and putting them into Fortnite. No, Apex Legends wasn’t the first game to implement vaults, but it’s naive to think that Fortnite vaults didn’t have something to do with Apex Legends.

Of course, Fortnite and other games also copied the reboot and pinging systems from Apex Legends. Some players even claim that the NPC bosses were influenced by Escape from Tarkov. What, if anything, will come out of Warzone and make its way into Fortnite?

Most of the new BR elements in Warzone seems specific to Call of Duty, which is awesome for Warzone players. Admittedly, I haven’t spent hours playing Warzone yet (it’s only a few hours old), but one of the elements that Epic could ‘borrow’ is the Gulag.

For those who don’t know, your first death in Warzone isn’t a death. You get transported to the Gulag and play a 1v1 Gunfight match against another deceased player. If you win, you get another chance in the arena.

I don’t know what a Fortnite version of this would look like, but there was a Gunfight LTM in Fortnite in the past. Epic could steal this one and bring it to Fortnite, but we’d probably have to wait until next season.

Epic Games

So, there are five ways that Epic can raise the bar and compete with the new Call of Duty BR. If you haven’t played Warzone, yet, it’s far more entertaining and unique than last year’s Blackout. It really feels like a Call of Duty BR, rather than a polished PUBG clone.

I’m going to play Warzone, and many of you will as well. Epic knows this, and are hopefully planning something to revive their player count. Warzone won’t kill Fortnite, but it might leave a mark if Epic isn’t careful.


Fortnite player shows the best methods for unlocking Agent Peely

What’s the best way to unlock XP for the golden Agent Peely?



The golden variant of Agent Peely is one of the popular topics in Fortnite Season 2. Those who started at level one – with no tier or XP purchases – would need to grind-out 29.5 million XP in order to reach level 350 for a fully-golden Agent Peely.

For most players, this is completely unattainable. Even after you complete all of the challenges, punch cards, and daily challenges, you’ll need to earn 15.9 million XP through your normal Fortnite matches – a mark very few people will come close to hitting.

One Fortnite player broke everything down into a graphic, letting players know the best way to earn XP in Fortnite and unlock the elusive golden Agent Peely.

As you can probably guess, playing normal Fortnite matches isn’t going to cut it. If you play for the win, you’ll need to play an estimated 19.36 hours per day – assuming that you started at the beginning of the season.

If you play Fortnite with a loot-first mindset, you can substantially cut down on this time – of course, you won’t want to break any of the ammo boxes, llamas, or chests. This playstyle will bring you Agent Peely after 6.44 hours per day.

Finally, we have the best way to grind Fortnite XP for Agent Peely: Team Rumble. Play this game for loot, kills, and XP and you’ll be able to unlock Agent Peely after 3.86 hours per day. The math was completed and graphed by Reddit user u/zMuska.

Via: u/zMuska

Of course, these hours-per-day breakdowns assume that you are skilled at Fortnite and play every day. If not, it will take you a lot longer.

Players have already voiced their frustration with Epic Games over the golden Agent Peely grind. Some have even pledged to boycott any Item Shop XP that has been rumored to be going on sale – although we haven’t seen it yet.

Most players hope that Epic temper the XP requirements next season. They promised us “more fun, less grind” with this Battle Pass – which is technically true if you only want to reach level 100. Completionists know that it isn’t as simple as that.

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Epic Games

Epic push Fortnite Season 3 and Doomsday Event back one week

Epic have pushed back the Fortnite Season 3 release date by one week.



Fans have been gearing up for Fortnite Season 3 this past week, with news of the Doomsday Event coming this weekend and Season 3 starting next week.

On May 28, Epic released a short blog post that pushed everything back one week. They didn’t go into detail as to why they made the shift, but are likely working on balancing new game mechanics, weapons, items, etc.

“In an effort to get everything ready for Chapter 2 – Season 3, we’re extending Season 2 by one week,” The Fortnite Team wrote in their blog post. “The new launch day of Season 3 will be Thursday, June 11. Also make sure to check out a one-time-only live event called The Device, now scheduled for Saturday, June 6 at 2 PM ET (please show up 30 minutes early to help secure your spot, space is limited!).”

This is disappointing to a lot of Fortnite players but could be good news in the long run. We’d rather wait a week for the new season than have it released in a broken state.

Rumors have it that a flood is coming, meaning massive changes for the island and, potentially, some new mechanics and vehicles added to the mix. Swimming underwater seems to be headed to the game as well, as leaks suggest.

This is a tough mechanic to get right. A lot of other competitive games have tried and failed, so this may be the ultimate reason for the Season 3 delay.

As of now, the new Fortnite Season 3 release date is June 11, 2020. We’ll keep you posted if and when more details become clear.

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Hand Cannon update suggests potential return in Fortnite Season 3

A change to the weapon model of the Hand Cannon suggests that it may be returning in Fortnite Season 3.



Fortnite Hand Cannon Problem

The Hand Cannon was always one of the Fortnite community’s favorite weapons. It feels like one of the core guns in the game – a high-caliber pistol that can deal some massive damage if a player has good aim.

We’ve been missing the Hand Cannon since its vaulting at the beginning of Chapter 2. It’s one of those weapons that’s almost sure to return at some point, however, even if it’s changed from its original form.

That day might be sooner rather than later. One attentive Fortnite player noticed that the Hand Cannon received an update during a recent patch. The damage numbers appear to be the same, but the model of the weapon looks a bit different.

Via: u/PM092

It’s safe to assume that the Hand Cannon will return to Fortnite at some point – likely in Season 3. What remains to be seen is the form that the weapon takes when it comes back.

Will the damage be tweaked? Will it cause a knockback effect as it does in Spy Games? Will it one-shot structures like it has in the past? We’ll have to wait and see.

At this point, it seems probable that we’ll get the Hand Cannon when Season 3 launches. It feels like a perfect candidate for an unvaulted weapon to start the season.

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