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5 Quality-of-life improvements for Fortnite Season 11

Epic is always improving Fortnite. Here are five quality-of-life improvements they can make for Fortnite Season 11.



Epic is always improving Fortnite. Here are five quality-of-life improvements they can make for Fortnite Season 11.

Fortnite Season 11 – or Chapter 2 – is only a few days away. There are a ton of improvements Epic can make to their game, and some of them seem like easy fixes.

One of the best things Epic has done for Fortnite is to allow broken chests to open. It makes looting easier for everyone – and was a no-brainer quality-of-life improvement.

Here are some other ways Epic could better optimize Fortnite in Season 11 and beyond.

Skin Loadouts

IMG: Epic Games

I’ve been requesting skin loadouts for a long time. I – like a lot of you – have way too many Fortnite cosmetics. My locker is overflowing with skins, pickaxes, back blings, and emotes.

There’s an endless number of combinations I can use, but I find myself only using a handful of skins from my arsenal. I like the idea of using more, but it seems like every time I set my preference to “random” I get a skin I don’t want to wear.

A skin loadout means a separate screen in your locker where you can choose a skin, back bling, and pickaxe combination. You can set several loadouts and then randomize that setting instead of setting everything at random and hoping for the best.

The Fortnite locker is in shambles right now anyway – so reverting the current UI change might be enough of a win.

Preset Weapon Arrangement

IMG: Epic Games

Adding a preset weapon arrangement might be the best thing Fortnite could do in terms of fostering positive feedback within the community. 

Every player on every platform deals with the hassle of moving their items and weapons around. Auto-sorting consumables to the right was a step in the right direction, but a lot of keyboard and mouse players don’t like to have their healing items all the way to the right.

Imagine a world where your shotgun was always where you want it and you didn’t have to remember where everything goes during a frantic early-game engagement. That’s something we can all get behind.

FoV Slider

Shout out to all the PC players in the crowd.

I’m a console player, so I was never able to use the stretched resolution back in the day. Since I’ve known nothing but native res, I can’t speak much on how helpful an FoV slider would be. All I know is that the folks over at r/FortniteCompetitive can’t shut up about it (smile).

I did, however, try to find a way to get stretched resolution on my console. You have to mess with monitor settings, and mine wasn’t capable of it. If we get an FoV slider, though, it will work for all platforms – meaning we console players could use it as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Epic is going to relent, here. They seem to care more about how their game looks from a viewership perspective, and don’t want streamers to bastardize the game’s optics by stretching their screens.

Custom Lobby Searches

IMG: Fortnite

I’m surprised that Epic hasn’t already implemented a custom lobby search function. Everyone with a Support-A-Creator code is able to make custom lobbies, and many of these players will only be able to fill 20% of that lobby. Adding a search function will allow for custom scrim lobbies without using a third-party communication system.

There are also a ton of Creative Mode maps people want to explore with other players. Adding a search function will let them play Zone Wars, team modes, death runs, mazes and everything else without ever leaving Fortnite.

Arena Incentives

The past two seasons of Arena mode were – for most players – entirely pointless. There’s no reason to grind Arena points if you’re not trying to compete in Cash Cups or tournaments – other than for the love of the game.

Competitive Fortnite is fun – yes – but there’s no reason to play it. Most other games with competitive modes give some sort of minor cosmetic item for placing in different brackets, but Fortnite has nothing.

Give people an incentive to play Arena and more people will play it. The more good players who focus on Arena – the fewer “sweats” are W-keying noobs in public lobbies.

All Platforms

Atlantis arrives in Fortnite with new Coral Castle POI: all map changes



Coral Castle in Fortnite

The leaked Atlantis location in Fortnite is now finally available in-game, but with a slight twist – it’s actually called ‘Coral Castle.’

The latest round of map changes have been revealed thanks to the ever-lowering water-level decreasing once again, unveiling some previously submerged areas.

Over the last few weeks, this has unveiled locations such as Risky Reels and Dirty Docks, but players have been left waiting for the Atlantis area.

It was initially leaked early in the season, after Aquaman himself was added to the game as a skin, and seemed like it was only a matter of time until Atlantis would be explorable.

New Coral Castle POI

The new area has replaced the whirpool that was previously covering it, with ‘Coral Castle’ now in it’s place.

Landing here should ensure some great loot opportunities, with plenty of chests to be raided. However, with it being brand new, it might be very busy for the next couple of days at least.

More map changes

There’s more than just Atlantis (Coral Castle). The Fortilla has “completely changed orientation”, simply turned around by 90 degrees, but is the same otherwise.

You can see the transition of the water level from FNBRHQ:

Slurpy Swamp is also back, now free of the water on top of it, although of course, it’s still very wet on the ground here.

With this update, the water is now back to the proper level, which means the map is well-suited for the long-awaited cars to make their appearance.

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SypherPK gives his wish list for Fortnite Season 4

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is asking for Traps, action, variety, and more in Fortnite Season 4.



Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is one of the most respected Fortnite creators on Twitch and YouTube. He’s one of the only big streamers to stick with the game after the mass exit of people like DrLupo, TimtheTatMan, NickMercs, and even Ninja. He’s been around the game since day one and his opinion carries a lot of weight.

On July 31, Sypher released a video entitled “What Epic NEEDS to do in Fortnite Season 4.” In the video, he lists his wishes for the next Fortnite season, along with some suggestions on how to make his ideal Fortnite experience a reality. Here’s a brief summary of what Sypher wants to see in Season 4:

  1. More variety in items/weapons/shields – specifically in pubs
  2. More action in the mid-game (player count increase LTM)
  3. Reworking of Mythic POIs
  4. Continue the LTM testing
  5. Add an improved version of the Traps

Most of us can get behind the first two suggestions on Sypher’s list – right off the bat. So many players loved the Unvaulted LTM when that came into the game. Hopefully, the numbers from this mode showed Epic that the player base wants to get back to those fun, interesting weapons from Chapter 1.

Likewise, the pacing of Chapter 2 needs some tweaking. Somehow, Epic need to find a way to prevent the mid-game lull that is so prevalent in most Fortnite matches – whether that includes raising the player count or not.

Epic Games

The LTM rotation has been great since the Season 3 Summer event – and Sypher wants more of that in Season 4. It could be an easy way to test new mechanics and keep the player base happy. The suggestion involving Mythic POIs could be a good one – but we doubt that it will come to fruition.

Epic seem pot-committed to the current Mythic POI system – which seems to have as much to do with the story as it does with the gameplay. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what they do.

Predictably, Sypher finished his list by requesting that Epic add traps back to Fortnite. Since the removal of Traps in Season 3, players have been fearlessly rushing any opponent they see.

It’s getting a bit too aggressive, and 100-damage traps with Sypher’s small tweak would be a perfect way to balance offense and defense. We don’t know how difficult it would be to disable enemy traps once a player is eliminated, but it would be the perfect way to fix the most annoying part of the defensive item.

As of now, Fortnite Season 4 is set to release at the end of August – barring any delays. What are your wishes for Fortnite Season 4? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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Epic make much-requested changes to competitive Fortnite ahead of FNCS

Epic Games have removed grenades and limited Stink Bomb availability in competitive modes ahead of the Fortnite Season 3 FNCS tournament.



Competitive Fortnite players have been asking for separate loot pools since these modes first took off. There have always been mechanics, items, and weapons that work well in public matches but are completely overpowered in competitive Fortnite.

Ballers are a perfect example of this. They were always fine in public matches. In tournaments, though, they led to players sitting in the Baller non-stop and making it to end-game for free. More than a few people placed highly in the World Cup qualification matches on the back of Ballers.

The same thing happens to this day. Weapons like Stink Bombs and Grenades are far more powerful in a competitive setting when you compare them to public matches. Players are ‘nade-stacking for free eliminations and carrying 12 Stink Bombs which translates to a near guaranteed elimination.

Thankfully, Epic are considering player feedback while developing the competitive loot pool. According to popular Fortnite broadcaster, Ballatw, Epic removed grenades from Arena Mode and limited the availability of Stink Bombs on July 30 – just in time for the Fortnite Champion Series to kick-off on August 1.

The only way to obtain Stink Bombs is by eliminating Marauders, which is another massive issue for Competitive Fortnite. Most of the player base despises these AI players – and there’s a strong case to be made that Epic should remove them from competitive modes as well.

Unfortunately, it looks like Marauders are here to stay. Barring any bugs with the Marauders, we can expect to see them eliminating solo players through the entirety of the FNCS tournament.

We’ll take some small victories when we get them, though. Grenades are out and Stink Bombs have been limited – two fantastic changes for the health of a competitive Fortnite match. The official Fortnite Champion Series broadcast begins at 12:00pm EST on August 1. You can watch the series through any of the official Fortnite channels. See you there!

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