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5 Most toxic emotes in Fortnite

Let’s get toxic with the 5 most toxic emotes in Fortnite.



Let’s get toxic with the 5 most toxic emotes in Fortnite.

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of emotes in Fortnite. They range from funny to corny to downright annoying. There are only a few emotes that will actually raise your blood pressure when you see them, however.

This list is dedicated to five of the most toxic emotes in Fortnite. Want to make people angry? Equip all of these on your front emote wheel.

5. Tomato

Throwing a tomato at another player is a surefire way to make your disrespect loud and clear. Unlike the other emotes on this list, throwing a tomato works best when your opponent can still fight back.

Want to get an enemy to see red (literally) and push you? Try throwing a tomato at them. It’s one of the more disrespectful things you can do before you actually knock an opponent.

4. Dance Moves

Only the OGs remember Dance Moves as the only emote in Fortnite. We’ve come a long way since then, and the ‘Default Dance’ has been buried in most players’ lockers as the only common emote in the game.

The Default Dance has been repurposed since its original release. Now, it’s more of a way to troll an opponent than anything. It’s not the most toxic emote in Fortnite, but it’s up there.


3. Clown emoticon

The Clown emoticon came into the game a while ago, but only gained popularity as a toxic emote within the past year. Emoticons are sneakily one of the best ways to disrespect an opponent because you can still use them while you’re in the downed state.

When you combine the Clown with one of the following two emotes, you’re sure to get an opponent’s blood boiling.

2. Take the L

Take the L is a classic, ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of toxic emote. It’s been a staple of irritating gameplay since Season 3, and never fell far from the top on a list of toxic emotes.

There’s only one better way to be toxic after killing an opponent than using ‘Take the L.’ I think we all know what’s coming next.

1. Laugh it Up

Laugh it Up truly has it all. It’s a sign of disrespect by design. You’re laughing at an opponent’s attempt to kill you.

Worse than that, though, is the sound that this emote makes. The ‘Donkey laugh,’ as it’s called, makes one of the most abrasive sounds these ears have ever heard. Laugh it Up is undoubtedly responsible for more than a few smashed monitors, keyboards, and controllers.

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Fortnite reveals first look at Ant-Man skin coming soon



Fortnite Ant-Man skin teaser

Epic Games have revealed the first look at what’s expected to be an upcoming Ant-Man skin in Fortnite, but you’ll have to be looking closely at their teasers to spot him.

The Fortnite developers are continuing their relentless spree of crossovers, especially with superhero skins, and it looks like we’re getting another one very soon.

This time around, it’s the tiny Ant-Man. On March 6, Epic Games tweeted an image Domino, Cable, and Psylocke, but look closer, and you’ll spot someone else there too.

Sitting on Cable’s arm, we can make out the tiny hero.

And that’s not the only teaser for Ant-Man. In a second image, we can see him standing on the tip of the sword.

We’d assume that Ant-Man will actually be the regular character model size when the skin is playable in game – or else it would be the most powerful skin around (although not sure how he’d hold any weapons).

Unfortunately, we can’t make out the finer details of the skin as the images show him so small.

When is the Fortnite Ant-Man skin release date?

We don’t have the exact release date for the Ant-Man skin yet unfortunately. But, just based on previous teasers, we wouldn’t expect the wait to be too long.

Usually after a new portal is added in-game, and teasers start dropping, it’s only a matter of days before we can get our hands of the skin.

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How to disable pre-edits in Fortnite

After over a year of fan requests, Epic have added a ‘disable pre-edit’ option to Fortnite. Here’s where you can find it.



In the v15.20 update, Epic Games added a much-requested setting to Fortnite: ‘disable pre-edits.’ Here’s how it works and how to select it.

Finally, after years of Reddit threads, Twitter posts, and pro players begging, Epic added a ‘disable pre-edit’ setting to Fortnite.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new setting, including how it works and where to find it.

What does ‘pre-editing’ mean?

Pre-editing refers to the ability to edit a structure before placing it. The most popular use of pre-edits throughout Fortnite history was a cone/ramp edit when controller players had to use Combat Pro.

Now, however, very few players use pre-edits. Instead, pre-edits offer an obstacle, as they’re almost always completed by mistake. Of course, there are still some niche applications for pre-edits, but most players wanted Epic to add an option to disable these edits.

How to disable pre-edits

You can find the new option under the settings tab (cog wheel) in the start menu. Scroll down to the “Building” section, and you’ll see four options. One of them is the new “Disable Pre-Edit Option.”

If you turn this off, you’ll no longer be able to edit structures before placing them – good news for the bulk of the Fortnite community.

If may have taken Epic years to add this option, but it’s finally here. Next stop, an FoV slider!

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How to use pre-editing to your advantage in Fortnite

Don’t turn off pre-edits so fast! Learn how to make pre-edits work for you in Fortnite with these new competitive strategies.



Learn how to make pre-edits work for you in Fortnite with these competitive strategies.

Pre-edits in Fortnite can be maddening when you’re in the middle of a fight. More often than not, the pre-edits will work against you as you accidentally edit a hole in your floor or a window in your wall. Before you know it, you’re taking fall damage or getting shot because you hit the wrong button while battling someone.

Epic recently added a lon-requested setting to Fortnite, giving players the ability to toggle pre-edits on and off. Now, with a simple setting change, you’ll never need to worry about pre-edits again.

This doesn’t mean that pre-edits are entirely useless. In the patch before the setting change was released, pro player Maken used them expertly to outplay his opponent.

Useful pre-edits have also been posted to the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit in the past. These pre-edits focus on cones, and give players the ability to fake-out opponents and even place their structures through turbo-builds.

The first strategy involves subverting the expectations of your opponent. Most skilled players anticipate edits, but using a pre-edited cone can get you a free shot.

As you can see, all you have to do is edit the wall, place your triangle cone, resent the cone edit, and shoot your opponent. There’s hardly anything they can do to prevent this free shot – especially since they aren’t going to see it coming.

The above clip from u/DemianNieuwenhuis has a very niche application. After all, using a regular cone is going to be far more useful in most situations. The only time your pre-edited cone will work is when someone is standing outside of your box.

This next clip is more of an exploit than anything. It also requires you to pre-edit your cone; this time in a V shape. You can exploit the new Turbo Building system and place the V-cone under your opponent’s ceiling after breaking their cone.

Again – like the other clip – this strategy will only be useful in certain situations. You won’t be able to cone-block opponents or even protect yourself from above if you run around with your cones all jacked up like this.

Still, these strategies are worth mentioning – especially if you find yourself in a 1v1. You can surprise your opponent with both of them, and steal some shots without taking damage.

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