Fortnite has had a lot of items come through the game over the course of its two-year lifespan. Take a look at five items you probably forgot about.

Fortnite is an ever-evolving game. When the seasons are active, Fortnite is changing every week. Each patch seems to bring us a new item, a new location, or a new mechanic we haven’t seen before.

Some of these items completely change the meta of the game. Others get disregarded and forgotten about. Today, we’re focusing on the latter group. Here are five Fortnite items you completely forgot about.

5. Chiller Grenade

Chiller Grenades were the forgettable version of the Chiller Trap. They weren’t useful unless you were trying to hit trick shots or troll. The primary use of the Chiller Grenades was to ice your teammates while they were trying to loot. Apart from that, pretty much everyone left them on the ground.

Chiller Grenades aren’t as forgettable as some of the items on this list because of their use in obstacle courses in Creative Mode. If you haven’t played any of these, though, you probably forgot they were ever in Fortnite.

4. Ceiling Zapper Trap

Only 90’s kids will remember the Ceiling Trap in Fortnite.

This was one of the OG items in the game – back when you could only place the Spike Trap on the floor. In fact, Epic had a specific wall trap back then as well – although that’s basically back in the game with the new Zapper Trap.

The Ceiling trap was useful back in Season 1 when no one really knew how to play Fortnite yet. It was a straight-up Save the World Port – just like most of the map back in those days. You could hear the trap coming, though, so it was much more useful against Husks in STW than it was against actual players.

3. Boom Box

The only reason the Boom Box is so forgotten is because of its short lifespan. The item was extremely annoying – blowing up everything within a massive radius. The throw distance wasn’t very far either, which means players on both teams would be stuck out in the open with no ability to protect themselves.

The Boom Box was one of the many items Epic added to try to reduce the reliance on building. These, the Port-A-Fort, and many other Fortnite items were added with the intention of allowing unskilled players to get killed. Thankfully, Epic saw the error of their ways and removed the Boom Box soon after they added it.

This was one of the most short-lived items in Fortnite. It only lasted two patches; from 7.10 to 7.30 and was replaced by the next forgettable item on the list.

2. Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets are a strong contender for the most useless item Epic has ever added to Fortnite. They were actually in the game for longer than you may remember – from 7.30 to the content update following Season 8 – but that’s to be expected because nobody used these things.

The word “trash” gets thrown around a lot in the gaming world. The Bottle Rockets deserved this title. The only time anyone would ever use them was when they picked them up off of spawn. They were supposed to do damage to structures – at least that appears to be their intended use – but only served to clog spawns that could have given up more useful items.

1. Air Strike

The Air Strike might be the most forgettable item in all of Fortnite – especially considering it was in the game relatively recently. It was introduced to the game in patch 9.30 and later removed at the start of Season 10.

In many ways, the Air Strike eventually turned into the Junk Rift. Instead of one structure-breaking item falling from the sky, though, we had to face a barrage of rockets.

The Air Strike was never overwhelmingly powerful because you could only carry one of them. They were a relatively rare combat choice on the whole. You could easily avoid an Air Strike if you saw it coming, but it could get you if you were defending yourself from a squad of spammers.

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