Fortnite has improved immensely with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, although there are still some common requests from the community.

Epic made some massive changes to Fortnite Chapter 2 that addressed many of the community’s complaints. They brought the loot pool back to basics, made chests spawn at a 100% rate, made the storm see-through, nerfed grenades when we asked for it, and generally seem committed to improving their game.

Epic have clearly prioritized polishing Fortnite over adding new content to the game. The player opinion is split on this, but it’s making for one of the best seasons we’ve ever seen.

That doesn’t mean that Fortnite is perfect, however. Here are five of the most requested changes from the Fortnite community.

1. Unvault the Patch Notes

This is the biggest request of the Fortnite community right now – unvault the patch notes.

Every video game publication on the internet, including this one, has complained about the lack of patch notes in Fortnite. We don’t need to get into it here. The point is, the community is sick of the lack of communication from Epic.

2. FoV Slider

This has to be one of the longest-standing requests in Fortnite. Players have been asking for an FoV (field of view) slider since stretched resolution was taken out of Fortnite.

For the console players who never got a chance to stretch their FoV, this slider will give you more vertical visibility and a massive advantage in competitive Fortnite.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic of the game is sacrificed to achieve this. Epic seems to care more about how streamers present their game, in this case.

3. Console / Controller Optimization

We’ve covered this issue at length in past posts, but Fortnite on a console is a dumpster fire. Buildings don’t load, loot doesn’t appear, the game freezes, and the FPS drops are a joke.

Epic needs to fix the console Fortnite experience, especially if they continue with the forced cross-platform system. There are some specific controller issues as well, such as the ability to place a trap, but these are minor when you consider the massive issues with Xbox, Playstation, and Switch.

4. Land Vehicle

A land vehicle would be the perfect addition to Fortnite Chapter 2. Out of all of the mobility items that Epic could add to Fortnite, a land vehicle makes the most sense.

There are already a ton of EGO vehicles around the map, and it looks like you should be able to drive them. Open these up or give us something new to drive around the map.

5. Siphon

IMG: Fortnite

Siphon was one of the most beloved additions to Fortnite from the most vocal Fortnite players, but Epic removed it soon after it was implemented – citing unhealthy aggression as the reason.

The real reason? Good players were rolling over bad players at a rate that had never been seen before.

Now, though, with skill-based matchmaking and bots, good and bad players are separated. Bad players are getting more wins than ever while above-average players are getting fewer wins than ever.

Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking faze thiefs

Everyone can benefit from siphon in Fortnite now that we’re split into different tiers of skill. Skill-based matchmaking probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so adding siphon is a great way to improve the overall experience.

What do you want to see changed in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.

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