Looks like we get to see these upcoming skins in glorious 3D, so we can judge for ourselves how good they look!

Data-miners have found 3D renders of the upcoming v5.40 cosmetics and skins that were leaked last Thursday.

The renders are available on SketchFab and can be viewed in a 360 degree window. It lets us see the models better so we can judge how good the skins will look in-game as supposed to leaked photos!

Here they are!

Synth Star (Epic)

Synth Star is an upcoming skin that looks similar to Power Chord, just with more of an 80s vibe. Her description is: Ride a new wave to victory

Stage Slayer (Epic)

Stage Slayer is of the same set as Synth Star, and is Epic. They will most likely go for 1,500/200 vbucks. Their description is: Crank it up!

Garrison (Uncommon)

Garrison is available in the item shop as this article releases. He is uncommon, costs 800 V-Bucks and his description is: Hold down the fort!

Cloaked Star (Epic)

Cloaked Star is a Save the World character who is coming to Battle Royale as a skin. He will be Epic, and his description is: Cloaked in mystery.

Grill Sergeant (Uncommon)

Grill Sergeant was leaked exactly one month ago, and has still not seen the light of day. He is uncommon, and his description is: Make it sizzle.

These skins and their respective back blings can be found in the slideshow above for perusing and viewing. Now, hopefully you can choose which skins you might save up for, or wait for another patch!

Either way, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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