Fortnite patch v6.31 went live on November 27th, 2018 – Included in the assets were 2 new Skins, 2 new Back Bling, 1 new Pickaxe, 4 new Emotes.

SkinTracker has shared the 3D models used for Skins, Pickaxes, and Back Bling as well as the animations used for Emotes. Check them out below!

It is not yet known when or if these Cosmetics will ever release, stay tuned for the Daily Item Shop posts on or the Tweets at @FortniteINTEL.


Longshot (Rare) – No target is out of range.

Insight (Rare) – Target in sight.

Back Bling

Scope Satchel (Rare) – Geared for long distance.

Sight Sling (Rare) – Expertly sighted.


Lamp (Uncommon) – The glow is alluring.


At the time of writing some Emote animations are not available due to using extra props and FX during said animation. Videos have been put in place where necessary.

Showstopper (Rare) – Pull out all the stops.


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Scorecard (Uncommon) – Consider yourself judged.

Mime Time (Rare) – Please take me seriously!


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Phone It In (Epic) – Lay down a saxy groove.

What are your thoughts on these new cosmetics, does seeing how they would appear in-game change your initial opinions? Let us know! Stay tuned to know when they release.

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