The Fortnite zipline exploits are out in full force. Here are three common exploits and how to do them.

Update 3:00 PM: Epic has disabled Ziplines to address these issues.

Original article: It seems like a new Fortnite exploit comes up every week. Some are more broken and useful than others are. These three Fortnite Zipline exploits fall into this category.

Recently, Fortnite players have uncovered the ability to teleport to a Zipline. It’s very simple: all you have to do is stand underneath the Zipline and look directly at it. You’ll get the option to interact with the Zipline, at which point you’ll teleport to the sky.

There is another, more useful, application of this exploit. You can also interact with the Zipline from above, meaning you can land from the Battle Bus without using your glider.

The method of this exploit is the exact same but in reverse. Fly over a zipline with your glider, look directly at the ground, and hit your ‘interact’ key or button.

Cloak, Dakotaz, and 72hrs have already shown these exploits to their thousands of viewers – meaning it’s going to become necessary to know how to do it. There’s another one, though, that lets you break through all of the structures on the map.

This exploit is similar to a Season 7 bug that had you blowing through structures after using a Zipline. There’s a way to initiate this glitch in Chapter 2, using the water.

All you have to do is jump into the water and use the Zipline exploit from above. You’ll have a magnet over your head and break everything in front of you if you time it correctly. You can even slide down a hill and end up under the map with this exploit, which is a problem for competitive Fortnite.

The damage exploit – apart from the under-the-map part – isn’t going to be as useful as the first methods. You’ll break your own structures as well, after all, and won’t be able to farm for the rest of the game.

For now, it’s safe to say that Fortnite Ziplines are extremely broken. Let’s hope that Epic gets to work on fixing these exploits ASAP.

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