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20 new Limited Time Modes added in Fortnite v9.30 files



An impressive amount of Limited Time Modes have been added to the Fortnite files following the v9.30 update.

Fortnite v9.30 featured an above average amount of content compared to typical updates as it is being used as preparation for three upcoming Content Updates before v9.40’s release. Including are many LTMs which are expected to be present during the upcoming 14 Days of Fortnite event.

Below you can find a list of all twenty datamined Limited Time Mode names and descriptions…


The only weapons in the game are the automatic firing ones. Spray and pray!

Builder’s Paradise

All player-built structures have drastically increased health, but a true builder doesn’t break down walls, they edit through them! Neutral editing has been turned on to allow players to edit structures no matter which team placed them. And what kind of paradise would keep a builder short on supplies? Building material drop rates are increased to allow as much building as desired!


Last man standing rules, but players have the ability to turn into different props around the map

Headshots Only

Players can only deal damage with headshots, so take your time and line up your shots!

Heavy Metal

In this mode, only the Heavy weapon variants can be found in loot boxes. Get your loadout and get in the fight!

Leave None Behind

All players have a slurp effect granting health and shields over time as long as their teammate is alive & not downed. If a player is knocked down they become invulnerable to damage, but the heal over time effect that their teammate has will change to damage over time. Revive your partner as fast as possible!

Loadout Swap

All players gets a new loadout that continues to change through the course of a match. Compete to be the last one standing, and prove you are the best with a variety of weapons!

Power Up

This mode is played in two phases. During the first phase, respawn on elimination is ON and using shield items increases your max shield capacity. After a period of time, respawning will switch to OFF. At this point, everyone’s shields will automatically be fully recharged. The remaining players will then fight to the finish! Note: Supply drops have TONS of shield pickups.

Purple Reign

All weapon drops are Epic. Storm circles move a bit more quickly. Building material farming rates are increased.


Fight back to back with a friend for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first player to get the target number of eliminations wins!


No description available.

Storm Chasers: Surfin’

Surf’s Up! Jump out of the Battle Bus and on to your shiny new surfboard. Use impulse grenades to bounce enemy players into the storm. Race against the storm and the other surfers to be the last one standing!

Strategic Structures

Think before you place is the name of the game. Stone and metal wall health has been increased but the resource caps and resource farming rates have been reduced.


Not Team It: Avoid the red team at all costs #NotTeamIt Team It: try to pickaxe the blue team to convert them to the red team. #TeamIt

Tank Battle

Player health and shields drastically increased. Healing items removed and replaced with siphon (health granted on elimination). Let the best tank win!

Team Rumble: Lava

Two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins! Dangerous lava rises gradually from the lowest parts of the map. Quickly loot, gather materials, and then start building up to stay away from the lava!

Team Splashdown

Using only water balloons and their wits two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins!

The Blues

All weapon drops are Rare. Storm circles move a bit more quickly. Building material farming rates are increased.

Use With Care

Players are granted building materials at the start of the match without the ability to gain more throughout the match. Make what you are given at the start last because that’s all you get!

Water Balloon Fight

No description available.

What are your thoughts on all of the aforementioned Limited Time Modes?

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Fortnite leaks point to underwater swimming coming in Season 3

Swimming underwater may be a permanent feature coming to Fortnite Season 3.



Early leaks of underwater swimming in Fortnite came to the game files several patches ago. Naturally, this led to the assumption that we’d be able to dive underwater in future Fortnite seasons.

These hopes were dashed when the Astronomical event happened. We swam underwater during this event, and most fans assumed that this would be the bulk of our undersea travel.

A couple of updates later, in v12.61, we saw the ability to swim underwater updated, yet again. When you combine this with the unconfirmed leaks covering Season 3, all signs are pointing to the ability to swim underwater in the next Fortnite Season.

Several data miners covered the new strings in the game files. After a bit of digging, they came up with the animation, itself.

As you can see from FortTory’s tweet, this animation is different from the normal swimming animation. You can dive, swim, and float in place while underwater.

There are still a ton of questions to be answered on this front. Will we able to swim underwater indefinitely or will we have an oxygen meter? Will this only be allowed on certain areas of the map? Does this mean we’re getting an underwater POI?

Underwater swimming has always been a difficult concept in gaming. Unfortunately, it could lead to a host of bugs and issues if there are some blind spots in development. Let’s hope for the best, though, and trust Epic to get it right.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite v12.61 patch notes: aim assist changes, bug fixes & more

Take a look at everything that changed in the Fortnite v12.61 patch notes.



The Fortnite v12.61 content update released this morning, which marks the final update of Fortnite Season 2. It was a small patch and one that was largely geared toward preparing the game for the rumored Doomsday event.

Most of the interesting parts of v12.61 came in the form of leaks, which we’ll cover in some separate articles. There were a few above-board changes, though. We’ll delve into them here.

Aim assist changes

The most noteworthy change was to controller aim assist on all platforms. This one is tricky since we need to rely on community reporting to tell exactly what’s different.

Early reports had it that close-range aim assist was lowered by 20%, mid-range aim assist was lowered a bit, and long-range aim assist was buffed. Our early testing shows very little difference from the old system, however. Casual players probably won’t notice a difference, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

Storm the Agency Challenges

Storm the Agency will, almost certainly, be the last batch of challenges before Season 3. We aren’t getting any Overtime Challenges, so these will have to do.

The new challenge set has not been released at the time of writing but should be available later today or this week. They may be released as late as Thursday, ahead of the Doomsday event. We’ll cover the challenge tutorial in a separate guide.

Storm Circles

Epic appear to have changed storm circles in the v12.61 update, as well – at least in public matches. The first phase of the storm closes much more quickly – but on a larger circle. The circle then gets much smaller, causing some players to have to rotate, quite quickly.

The circles aren’t perfect, either. Just take a look at this tweet from broadcaster AussieAntics. We’ll have to wait and see how this shakes out.

Bug Fixes

There weren’t too many bug fixes in this patch. The biggest issue that was addressed was the inability to refund the Dragacorn Glider for some players. Here’s everything that was fixed in v12.61:

  • Numbers not changing on sports-themed Outfits
  • Unable to refund Dragacorn Glider
  • iOS players hitching at high rate

We’ll update this post with any additional changes that surface as more players get their hands on the new patch. This was a small one, though, and largely focused on adding the Doomsday Device to the game.

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Leaked Fortnite v12.61 update skins and cosmetic items



Epic Games

Fortnite update v12.61 has arrived, and while Epic Games didn’t add many new skins or cosmetic items to the game, data miners and leakers have been sifting through the files and given us a look at what’s to come before the end of Chapter 2, Season 2.

Season 2 is rapidly coming to its conclusion, with the highly anticipated Doomsday event set to rock the game to its foundations as Epic Games moves to Season 3.

With the current season drawing to a close, the game’s developers have released the v12.61 Update on May 26 which includes a number of leaks as to what the event will entail.

For those who are looking a new skin or some new dances moves, though, Epic have added some new additions to the files which will be released over the next week or so.

Cyclo Doomsday skin and Windshear Cloak

There’s only one new skin in the game this week, but it appears to have major links to the end of Season 2, with the mysterious and imposing skin added to the files under the name “Hurricane,” prompting many to wonder if he is set to unleash the natural disaster onto the island.

On top of that, there is also a brand-new cloak that goes with Cyclo Doomsday, which appears to have been battered by winds and torn in places at the bottom. You can view the skin and back bling below courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi.

Drake’s Toosie Slide comes to Fortnite

Definitely the most surprising addition to the game, global megastar Drake has made his first appearance in Fortnite, with a brand-new emote appearing in-game based on a dance from the music video for his latest single, Toosie Slide.

The track debuted on April 3, and was then eventually released as part of his new mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes. It immediately became a hit on TikTok, with creators dancing along to the instructions featured in the song, and now Fortnite players can do the same. You can watch the Toosie Slide emote in action below, thanks to @HYPEX.

On top of that, Epic have actually licensed the song, so when you’re sliding in front of your downed enemies, they’ll hear October’s Very Own singing along.

Fortnite’s v12.61 patch is expected to be the final patch before Chapter 2, Season 3 kicks off, so it was always likely that new cosmetics would be in short supply this week. Data miners are still sifting through the files though, so if any more are discovered we’ll be sure to update this article.

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