Following Alfonso Ribeiro, rapper 2 Milly, Orange Shirt Kid, and Backpack Kid have dropped their lawsuits against Epic Games for using their dance moves in Fortnite emotes.

News broke earlier in the week on March 8th that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, Alfonso Ribeiro, will be dropping his lawsuit based on the Fresh emote.

Since then, the rapper 2 Milly, Orange Shirt Kid, and Backpack Kid – who are known for The Milly Rock, Orange Justice, and Flossing respectively; have ceased their cases.

This news comes following The Supreme Court’s ruling that none of the parties can “sue for copyright infringement until the U.S. Copyright Office has either granted or refused the person’s application for registration.”

At the time of writing, Ribeiro is the only party who has attempted to file for copyright registration. However, the attempt was denied in February.

In February 2019, Epic Games responded to the 2 Milly lawsuit, providing The Hollywood Reporter with the following statement…

No one can own a dance step. Copyright law is clear that individual dance steps and simple dance routines are not protected by copyright, but rather are building blocks of free expression, which are in the public domain for choreographers, dancers, and the general public to use, perform, and enjoy

According to The Blast, Alfonso Ribeiro’s case has been entirely closed, “This action is dismissed by the Plaintiff(s) in its entirety.” With that being said, it’s possible that other parties may reopen their cases if granted copyright. Stay tuned.

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