NRG Benjyfishy is one of the best players in the world right now and he proved it by qualifying for both the solo and duos World Cup in the first week of qualifiers.

He went on Reddit to do an AMA so that people in the Fortnite community could learn more about who he is and how he qualified so quickly.

His answers ranged from why he dropped out of school to go to home school, to his practice routine, to what he hopes is his future in gaming.

The whole AMA can be found on /r/FortniteCompetitive but here are some of the best answers from it.

Question from Jdubwillie: “What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Pro Gamer? Still Playing FN? Content Creator? Something else all together?”

Answer from Benjyfishy: “I really hope to still be something in esports /gaming 5 years, whether that be Fortnite, or any other game. Always liked the idea of running an organization, so might be something I do in the future. But honestly I have no idea, I’m just looking to secure my future by playing Fortnite, and trying to make the most of it while it is still relevant, which will hopefully be for quite a while.

“I’m not sure if my skills would translate to other games, partly the reason why I didn’t start playing apex. Since Fortnite is the first game for me to be big in, I’m not sure if I’d be good at any of the other big games that come out.”

Question from Zamlenha: “What was your parents reaction for qualifying for both solos and duos in the 1st week?”

Answer from Benjyfishy: “My whole family was watching the Fortnite stream, so when I went into the room to tell them I was currently 3rd after my last game, they thought I might drop since not all the games had finished, but I stayed third, and they were all in pretty big shock, especially when it was announced on the Fortnite stream.”

Question from jcow77: “How did your real life friends react?”

Answer: “I posted on my sc story that I won guaranteed $50k, and most people just replied saying that they thought I was either lying/ really happy for me. I have been getting homeschooled for like 2 months, so most of them know I am big in Fortnite, but I think most of them underestimate the money involved with it, so most of them think im lying when I tell them I won a large amount of money.

“The first time I won something big was the Montana black duo squad tournament, where me and savage came 1st and got like $10k, when I told my mates at school, it was pretty crazy and everybody was asking me about it throughout the entire day, even the teachers”

That’s a whole lot of V-Bucks

Question from habya7: “Is it hard balancing school work and fortnite? And how do you do it?”

Answer: “Part of the reason I dropped out to do homeschooling, is that I was finding balancing it too hard, I would either have to put more effort into one than the other, and it always caused conflicts. I could either put more of my effort towards school and do more work after school, or I could skip the work and do more practice, I typically focused more on Fortnite cause I was really passionate about it, but was very lucky that it paid off, would not be in a good position if what has happened recently hadn’t happened.”

Question from veechee: “What was your routine/schedule for practicing and what did you practice specifically each day/session?”

Answer: “My routine for practice normally goes like this :
Wake up around 2pm (I wake up this late cause my sleep schedule is shit and also there are no customs before then really).
Warmup in creative for 30 mins when I get on. Play customs from around 3pm-whenever customs end, normally around 11pm.
Chill/Do creative/Stream for around 2/3 hours, and then chill and play other games till around 3/4am, then sleep.”

Other comments pointed out how unhealthy a schedule that is for a 15 year old. It doesn’t seem like he has allotted time for actually home schooling or exercise built into his day.

On the flip side, when Fortnite is your first game to become a pro in, you can feel the need to keep grinding it and ride out the popularity. He has clearly made the most of this opportunity in Fortnite and will have plenty of time to get back on track with healthy habits after making some serious cash in New York.

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