Many new daily FortByte Challenges have been discovered following the v9.20 patch for Fortnite.

Daily FortBytes grant players a simply, daily Challenge to obtain a piece to a large puzzle located in the FortBytes menu. The v9.20 Fortnite patch added many new FortByte Challenges, most of which have yet to be released.

The full list of leaked FortByte Challenges is as follows…

  • Accessible at the center of the fourth Storm Ring
  • Accessible atop the chicken temple in Sunny Steps with the Dark Sentinel outfit
  • Accessible by flying the Scarlet Strike Glider through the rings east of Snobby Shores
  • Accessible by skydiving through the rings above Lazy Lagoon with the Vibrant Contrails equipped
  • Accessible by using Sunbird Spray on a frozen waterfall
  • Accessible by using the Cluck Strut to cross the road in front of Peely’s Banana Stand
  • Accessible by using the Laid Back Shuffle Emote inside a dance club
  • Accessible by using the Sad Trombone Emote at the north end of Snobby Shores
  • Accessible by using the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a blue canoe under a frozen lake
  • Accessible by using the Skull Trooper Emoji at the western most point
  • Accessible by using the Vox Pickaxe to smash the gnome beside a mountain top throne
  • Accessible on the mountain south of Neo Tilted after getting an elimination
  • Accessible with Durrr! Emoji inside Pizza Pit restaurant
  • Accessible with the Vega outfit inside a spaceship building
  • Accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the northern most Sky Platform

What are your thoughts on FortBytes thus far? Do you wish for the mechanic to return in Fortnite Season 10?

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