The daily 14 Days of Summer challenge tasks players with getting eliminations using the daily unvaulted weapon or the Drum Gun. Here’s a guide on how you can complete the task efficiently while playing regular Fortnite.

A few days ago, the 14 Days of Summer event began with a new Drift Outfit, challenges, unvauled weapons, and more. Epic Games also introduced a new wave of challenges, which were leaked in full last week.

June 27th’s challenge doesn’t have a set location. Rather, players must carry out an elimination mission using the daily unvaulted weapon.

Eliminations with Daily Unvaulted Weapon or Drum Gun

One of the main features of the 14 Days event is the return of vaulted weapons. Epic will unlock a single vaulted for 24 hours each and every day until the end of the event. So far, we’ve seen the Light Machine Gun & the Quad Launcher.

The daily unvaulted weapon for June 27th can be found in our reveal article. Drum Guns can also be used to get eliminations for this challenges. This weapon was recently nerfed (twice) due to its overpowered ability to push builds.

The Drum Gun still packs serious firepower, but you should keep yourself at close range and aim for the head. It can received from Floor Loot, Chests, and Loot Carriers.

If you are looking to complete any elimination challenge quickly, you’ll want to hot drop into a busy location with a lot of loot. You’ve three good options for hot drops: Loot Carrier Hot Spots, Neo Tilted, and Team Rumble.

Loot Carrier Hot Spots

Fortnite Loot Carrier

Loot Carriers arrive in several named locations each match. These flying drones contain great loot including shields, heals, and weapons. Loot Carrier ocations change each game, but you can find them easily by looking for named locations with yellow names.

These hovering wonders have an increased chance to drop Legendary/Epic tier weapons. Many of the unvaulted weapons during the 14 Days of Summer event will have such rarities.

Neo Tilted Hot Drop

Neo Tilted still serves the hottest drop in Fortnite

Over time, Fortnite’s playerbase has migrated away from Tilted gradually, but it’s still considered the hottest drop in the game. Neo Tilted sports the highest concentration of loot, tons of metal & brick materials, and wide open sightlines.

Of course, there’s an aspect of danger for landing in such a busy spot. We’d argue that the dangers are outweighed by the possibility of quick challenge completion. If you should fail, you’ve always got the next match.

Team Rumble Large Team Mode

Team Rumble LTM launch art

Last, but not least, we’ve got the best option for quick elimination complete. Team Rumble plays as a large deathmatch mode to 150 kills. Amongst the chaos, it’s very easy to find picks on low health targets and unskilled players.

The beginning of Team Rumble matches are slow affairs, but this’ll give you more time to find an unvaulted weapon or Drum Gun. If you can’t stand long looting periods, the two previous options might be more your speed.

We’ve also got guides on the other 14 Days of Summer challenges! Here’s links the first two days’ tasks:

We’ll provide additional guides as the days go on in Fortnite’s summer event. See you tomorrow!