Fortnite events pack tons of content into small periods of time and 14 Days of Summer may be the greatest in terms of sheer volume. Each daily challenge rewards players with exclusives and for July 2nd’s, you’ll need to find some giant beach umbrellas.

If you haven’t been playing Fortnite in the past eight days, you’ve been missing out. Epic Games’ vacation event offers a plethora of worthy content, both in and out-of-game. We’ve been having a blast completing challenges, playing with unvaulted weapons, and trying out inspired LTMs.


The 14 Days of Summer challenges include a nice mix of objectives. We’ve found the variety to be among the best Fortnite’s ever put up. Day 8’s task begins with players finding giant, oversized beach umbrellas.

Where to find a ‘giant beach umbrella’ in Fortnite

On the first day of the 14 Days event, beach parties popped all over the map with beach umbrellas. However, these are not the beach umbrella you are looking for. The giant variety of the sun covers are found elsewhere.

Similar to the beach parties, there are six giant umbrellas in total. You will only need to visit three of them (or only one if you prefer). We’ve got a map showing the locations of each umbrella below:

The giant umbrellas essentially serve as huge bounce pads. We quickly discovered that grabbing some building mats is useful for this challenge. Build your way up above one of the umbrellas and jump down onto it. You’ll get the same effect as when you use a Shockwave Grendade or Air Vent.

While some of the umbrellas aren’t positionally important, the one above Dusty Divot can help you make a quick escape or rotation. Along with the nearby Sky Platform, players will be able to cover massive distances in just a few short seconds.

Video Footage of Giant Umbrella Challenge

We completed the challenge a little earlier in the day and captured some footage to help you get a read of what to expect. Remember, the challenge states ‘in different matches’ which means you can use the same umbrella three times if you feel like it.

Completing this challenge will reward players with the Summer Rubber Ducky Banner.

Day 8 Challenge Reward

In addition to today’s 14 Days challenges, we’ve constructed similar guides for all the previous challenges. You can find them by clicking the corresponding link in the list below.

July 2nd also marked the arrival of the second Content Update during patch v9.30. Epic added a fourth shotgun, the Drum Shotgun, and did not vault to the Tactical Shotgun. As we reported recently, this may be due to Fortnite’s deal with Nerf to create real-world toys of the Tactical Shotgun and other weapons.

Before we forget to mention it, be sure to check out the daily unvaulted weapon before it’s gone!

Well, that’s it for another of our daily challenge guides. We hope you’ve been enjoying 14 Days like we’ve been! Epic Games might be on vacation, but the pre-planned changes have had us catching ourselves smiling wide in the middle of matches. Here’s hoping to more of the same.