A new Cup titled Scallywag Weekend Cash Cup has been announced in the Fortnite v8.10 patch notes. This Cup features $100,000 in prizes!

The Scallywag Weekend Cash Cup is set to take place over the weekend of Saturday, March 16th to Sunday, March 17th.

No promotional images can be found for this Cup, however there are detailed titles, descriptions, and more which can be read below.

Scallywag Cup

$100,000 In Prizes

Grab your first mate and take all the treasure! Cash prizes will go to the victors in the Finals.

Place Top 3% in either Gauntlet Test Event by ? to unlock this event. This tournament occurs across two rounds – Round One (Semi-Finals) and a Round Two (Finals). The Top 1500 teams in each region during the Semi-Finals will advance to the Finals. Full rules, eligibility details, and prize distribution will be coming soon to Fortnite.com/esports.

Epic Games has officially announced the Cup via the Fortnite v8.10 Patch notes, though an official blog post, press release, or Tweet have yet to be released.

Many Fortnite fans are excited to see the competitive Fortnite scene still receiving such large prize pools after the announcement of the $30,000 Fortnite World Cup. Thankfully, Epic Games announced that they will be putting $100,000,000 into the Fortnite competitive prize pools in 2019.

What are your thoughts on the Scallywag Weekend Cash Cup? Do you plan to compete for your chance at the prize pool?

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