We are just a couple of weeks out from the Fortnite World Cup but there are still free agents out there among the qualified players.

Now there is one less. Arkham has rose to fame recently as he dominated the NA-West division for World Cup qualifiers. With fewer spots open compared to NA-East, the NA-West competition was cutthroat.

Only one duo and two solo players qualified for the region each week. In comparison, NA-East had six solo players and three duos.

In fact, some players who had the ability even moved across the country to compete in NA-East instead of NA-West. For Arkham, that wasn’t an option, so he just balled out and managed to grab two of the twenty available spots for the NA-West.

He parlayed that success into playing with a high profile duo partner at Friday Fortnite. An unlikely pairing, Arkham and DrDisRespect made waves playing together during multiple weeks.

It was a symbiotic relationship. The Doc got an amazing Fortnite player to help carry him while Arkham got to tap into the Doc’s huge fan base to help grow his popularity.

Now he is joining 100 Thieves, one of the most notable esports organizations on the planet.

As a relatively young player, hopefully he negotiated a good split in his eventual World Cup winnings. With a guaranteed $100,000 coming in and the chance for much more, signing to an esports organization right now is a bold choice.

As long as he negotiated correctly, this still could be a fantastic move for both sides. At the very least, he is poised to become a rising star in the Fortnite community – especially if he can find success in New York.

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