100 Thieves newest Fortnite duo, Davis ‘Ceice’ McClellan and Hayden ‘Elevate’ Krueger dropped by the FortniteCompetitive subreddit in order to answer fan questions, and we were able to compile all of it below.

Ceice and Elevate held a Reddit AMA on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit on Friday, April 5 where they answered some questions from the Fortnite community.

The duo from 100 Thieves focused on their WSOE 3 win along with training for the Fortnite World Cup coming up this summer.

We were able to compile all of the questions that Ceice and Elevate answered while they held their hour-long AMA.

  • Competitive Fortnite communication with duo
  • How to improve gameplay by watching old footage
  • Elevate’s thoughts on the current state of Fortnite
  • Craziest Nadeshot story
  • What duo do Ceice and Elevate think will win the Fortnite World Cup
  • Would you rather fight 2 Vivid sized Chaps or 1 Chap sized Vivid?
  • Elevate’s favorite Fortnite player

Competitive Fortnite Duo communication

Ceice and Elevate were the winners of WSOE 3: Fortnite.

Zykoma: Any general advice on having good comms with your duo partner?

Elevate: Hi Zykoma, after wsoe preparing for world cup this was actually me and ceice’s main focus. For us our main issue was communicating in fights. We watched a lot of benjyfish who has some of the best comms in the game. The most important aspects are probably to be on the same page before. If u can prepare your duo before you do an action they can map out how they are and be prepared to. It’s a lot easier to ramp for height when u say 10 seconds before let’s ramp on these guys. For the issue of staying together in comms the most important thing is to vod review and get on the same page as your duo. That way you know how he plays and can play of him / each other. Agreeing on a plan / disagreeing is a lot of how u k ow your duo. Playing to your strengths is important and having a gameplan before each match can eliminate mid-match chaos. Hope I answered most points.

XzUR_: What’s the best way to improve comms with your teammate? What kind of things should we start saying to help improve our overall game, especially end game, and what things we might avoid saying even (if there is any)

Elevate: Use obs to record gameplay with sounds. Then together watch over it as explain comms u think could be better or missing or even comms that confused you. Things to start saying really isn’t something I can answer but saying things early is something important. Preparing your duo for an execute is important.

Fortnite’s current state

The Baller vehicle was added into Fortnite with Season 8.

Jacksonbdot: What are your guys’ thoughts on the direction Fortnite is heading? Epic has been getting a ton of backlash in recent seasons.

Elevate: Imo the last few updates (b4 native) the game was really looking promising we had a good comp platform. Sure ballers where bad but there are tournaments often and good stuff in the future. The direction is ok rn but not great. They just need to listen to the pro community more.

Fortnite World Cup Predictions

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup is offering a record breaking $30 million to top players!

Michael20981: What 3 duos do you think will have the best chance to win the World Cup?

Elevate: Saf zayt, bizzle dmo, famhood sheep.

xDonny: Who’s winning solo and duo World Cup?

Elevate: Solos prolly some mid tier rn player who is better then people think. Mainly because solos are so rng maybe like highsky or someone.

XbenderovermanX: Who is the best player in the world in your opinion?

Elevate: Always fan boy of Bizzle so him.

Random fan questions

Dusty Divot is now one of the best places to drop in Fortnite.

TheBigLad420: Would you rather fight 2 Vivid sized Chaps or 1 Chap sized Vivid?

Elevate: I live fighting chap so option 2

Tro_pic: What is the craziest story you have about Nadeshot?

Elevate: Nothing too crazy. But when we where about to sign it was clear nade really wanted us so badly he would call Eric (for updates) for updates and pretty much green lighted us as players. Never had an org be so intent on signing us felt good.

Every player is practicing for the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, which begin on April 13.

Who do you think will walk away big from the Fortnite World Cup in New York City?