The up-and-coming esports organization has added some big names onto the existing Fortnite roster.

Founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, a Call of Duty champion with OpTic Gaming back in 2011, 100 Thieves has been one of the most active organizations in esports.

The League of Legends team made a big splash when bringing over two-time Korean World Champion Bae “Bang” Jun-sik before the LCS season. It was the largest poaching of a Korean talent by a North American team to date, and even though it hasn’t worked out for the team so far in the Spring Split, it shows the organizations willingness to spend money for the best talent available.

The four new players being added to the 100 Thieves’ Fortnite team are: Maurilio “Blind” Gramajo, Davis “Ceice” McClellan, Hayden “Elevate” Krueger, and Gabriel “Kyzui” Harlos.

They join a roster led on the competitive side by Kenith and Parallax. 100T also features a couple of top streamers in controller god NICKMERCS and SirDimetrious.

The current duo of Kenith and Parallax has been decidedly middle of the road. They have finished most events somewhere between 10th and 30th whether competing together or seperate.

Here are the new additions:

Blind: Formerly competing for Cloud 9, Blind rose to the main stage when he finished first in the Ninja Vegas event in 2018. He seems to shine in the big stage LANs, his next two best finishes are sixth in Summer Skirmish Week 8 at PAX West and eighth in Fall Skirmish Week Six at TwitchCon.

Ceice: Another player with a big win to their name, Ceice got his at WSOE 3 back in December. He recently finished ninth at the Secret Skirmish and has a couple of solid finishes in the Fall and Summer Skirmishes.

Elevate: 100T made a smart play here by swooping up Ceice’s teammate for the WSOE 3 win. Duo chemistry can be hard to come by so the easiest solution is just picking up a duo who has already been successful. Elevate has much fewer results on his record than the other additions but proved he can succeed at the highest level at WSOE.

Kyzui: The 100T release describes him as a “young prodigy” and Kyzui is really fresh on the scene. His first event was the Winter Royale where he finished 23rd in duos and 25th in solos. He followed that up with the performance that landed him on 100T, a fourth place finish at the Secret Skirmish. Here’s a clip of him going off:

We have recently seen Team Liquid also add new players to their team and with so much money on the line at the Fortnite World Cup, expect more free agents to find homes in the next month or two.

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